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Line Up brings several important attributes to our herd. Great horn set, medium to large size, black and white color, and TTT in his pedigree. I am a big fan of Dragon Pearl and her dam, Field of Pearls. His sire Time Line should make 90” and he is over 2000 lbs. He goes back on the dam side to Overkill and that is where he gets his black and white. He goes back to Drag Iron 2x and some of his maternal line have been big producers, Markster has at least three sons that are over 80” and her dam, Marquee has a 90” daughter so there is production all throughout the pedigree. We will be using him initially to cross on our black and white herd with one black parent. 42x back to Don Quixote E Spear. Tested UC Davis- Dominant Black, carrier of recessive red.
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Tip to Tip83.250006/02/2022  
Tip to Tip81.875002/11/2022  
Tip to Tip80.375009/20/2021  
Tip to Tip78.500006/27/2021Dalgoods 88.14” 
Tip to Tip75.000003/02/2021Dalgood’s 87.81” 
Tip to Tip68.250009/17/2020Dalgood's 86.78" 
Tip to Tip65.000007/09/2020Turns two years old next week. Dalgood's 86.47" 
Tip to Tip58.250004/18/2020Dalgoods 82.55” 
Tip to Tip55.500003/18/2020  
Tip to Tip47.250012/17/2018